The exhibits tell the story of the creation of Lake
Winnipeg and its beautiful beaches. They explore
lake ecology and threats to its health, as well as what you might do to keep it healthy. The lake is the
foundation of the exhibits and the community.



The story moves on to life along the East Beaches
in the early days. First Nations, Métis, European
immigrants – each with their own skills and
traditional knowledge – helped each other survive
on the rugged eastern shores of Lake Winnipeg. They are the roots of our community.






Then came the Glory Days when the railway
forged its way up to the beaches, to build a resort
on one of the grandest beaches in the world. A
huge dancehall, boardwalk, carousal, pier, tennis
courts, hotel – amenities to rival a modern theme park – drew visitors by train in the thousands. Exhibits
capture life at the resort and how it changed the community.





The exhibits conclude with a look at how the East
Beaches have matured as a community, still strongly
connected to the lake, and looking ahead with






Heritage Wing
Exhibits Plan

The Heritage Wing includes traditional style exhibits as well as innovative interactive exhibits...

Lake Winnipeg

• Panels on what you are seeing in those two magnificent Lake Winnipeg aquariums – the deep and the shallows
• Interactive digital map of Lake Winnipeg and animation of the lake formation



• Digital photo albums of community roots – First Nations, Métis and early immigrants – our founding families. If you have photographs you’d like to lend us for the album please contact Jean at754- 3989 or

• Artifacts from our community roots – beadwork and baskets, treasures brought from the old country. If you have any small treasures you would like to share, contact Jean above

• Oral histories – stories of how food was put on the table – fishing, trapping, forestry, mink farming, mixed farming, hunting and gathering, life on the lake…

Glory Days

• Model train and diorama of Grand Beach station during the Moonlight Special era – you can run the train

• Interactive mural of the beach and dancehall from the early days

• 42-inch touch screen photo albums – A Day at the Beach, Child’s Paradise, The Family Cabin, Stories from the Beach, and more. Photos welcome, see above.

• Harry’s Hideout – take a peek inside to see a movie about this unique Grand Marais institution

• Call a Local – telephone a local service to inquire about ice delivery or to order fish, berries, firewood…



Today & Into the Future

• Hear what the youngest members of the community say about the future

• Send a virtual postcard of yourself at the beach